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It can be hard to find straight-forward information about workers’ compensation. 

Ask us a question and we’ll try and find the answer for you. This could be about who can make a workers’ compensation claim, how the claims process works, what sorts of benefits are available, or what you or your employers obligations are, for example. 

Perhaps there is something you wish you’d known at the beginning of your claim? Or something that you think would be useful for others to know? 

Please note: We are not able to answer questions about your individual claim or circumstances.

We have already answered some questions. Check out our FAQs section to see which answers have already been provided.

Still not sure? Send us an email and we’ll do our best to find the answer!

  • What is workers’ compensation?

    Workers’ compensation is a compulsory form of insurance paid by employers to a government or a private insurer. It is also called Workcover in some states. Any employer with at least one employee is legally required to have…

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  • Where are you up to in the study so far?

    We are still in the first year of the 3-year study so our focus has been to get it launched and start collecting data and get the word out to people in the community.  We have been listening…

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  • What interest do you have in the study from the State Insurance agencies? 

    We were a bit wary about what some of our State government authorities and regulators would have to say about the study. Just because we’ve been very open about the approach that we’re taking and…

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  • How are the Lived Experience Advisors involved?

    The people with Lived Experience who are on the Workers’ Voice study, have been carefully selected to bring their breadth of experience, strengths, and ideas to the table to provide advice to the research team on the Workers’ Voice Study. This advice helps the research team understand more fully, about the personal side of the… Read…

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