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Do you know what your rights are if you are injured at work?  

If you get injured at work or if you get sick and can not work for a period of time- do you know what to do- what your rights are? In this edition of The Conversation Hour we look at how to navigate workers compensation and look at whether there is some way it can be made easier for those who need to access it. Presented by Richelle Hunt

Major study aims to improve workers’ compensation in Australia 

In an Australian first, a Monash University-led study will partner with people who have lived experience of a workers’ compensation claim in order to design better systems.

Workers’ compensation in Australia is ‘problematic’  

The current state of workers’ compensation schemes often leaves much to be desired, but a Monash University-led initiative is looking to overhaul the system. Monash University’s School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine will lead the project in partnership with injured workers and other experts.

Workers’ compensation redesign aims to improve employee experience  

A group of Australian researchers are looking at ways to improve workers’ compensation, partnering with injured workers and industry experts to better understand how the system can be fixed. This could open the door to a workers’ compensation system designed to better support employees while further encouraging employers to engage with and assist workers making claims.