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It can be hard to find straight-forward information about workers’ compensation. 

Ask us a question and we’ll try and find the answer for you. This could be about who can make a workers’ compensation claim, how the claims process works, what sorts of benefits are available, or what you or your employers obligations are, for example. 

Perhaps there is something you wish you’d known at the beginning of your claim? Or something that you think would be useful for others to know? 

Please note: We are not able to answer questions about your individual claim or circumstances.

We have already answered some questions. Check out our FAQs section to see which answers have already been provided.

Still not sure? Send us an email and we’ll do our best to find the answer!

  • What is workers’ compensation?

    Workers’ compensation is a compulsory form of insurance paid by employers to a government or a private insurer. It is also called Workcover in some states. Any employer with at least one employee is legally required to have…

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  • Do we have Lived Experience Advisors from each State and how do these people get involved?

    Not from every state at the moment, we have expertise from NSW, Victoria and South Australia systems. We’re keen for more people to be involved as Lived Experience Advisors. We have a process to go through, talking with the person who is interested and working out if its right for you. It can be a… Read…

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  • So how will this computer model ‘work’ to try out changes within the model?

    The computer models are called agent based models. What they do is they display all the many different interactions that occur between people who are involved in workers compensation throughout the workers comp process. And once we’ve got the basic model set up, one of the things that we can do with it is change… Read…

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  • Do you do you have a financial modelling team modelling the changes that workers want?

    In a sense, yes. So, the particular sort of technical approach we’re taking to the modelling allows us to estimate things like the costs of claims and services that are provided, both in the current system and also in the models we’re creating. It’s actually one of the ways that we check, that our models… Read…

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