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How are the Lived Experience Advisors involved?

The people with Lived Experience who are on the Workers’ Voice study, have been carefully selected to bring their breadth of experience, strengths, and ideas to the table to provide advice to the research team on the Workers’ Voice Study.

This advice helps the research team understand more fully, about the personal side of the process of making and living with a claim. Each Lived Experience Advisor has different areas of expertise and lived experience that they are will to share, so that the research team engages with the right people, in the right way, at the right time, using the right language and approach.

Some of the specific areas they contribute to are:

  • Active participation in meetings to present their own unique perspective
  • Flag areas where the researchers have missed the worker voice, and hold us accountable to listen and act on their expert advice
  • Provide feedback on documents for better understanding for the public

There is a formal process of engagement, with review dates and they can withdraw their engagement at any time.

No individual can speak on behalf of others, however, each of the advisors also has interactions with many other people with a workers compensation claim, as well as their own, and they are able to share this breadth of knowledge as well.