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The Story Behind The Logo

The central theme of Worker’s Voice is to work with and listen to people with lived experience of workers’ compensation, and learn from them. 

We are aiming to embed this in every aspect of the study, including the design of our logo.  

We didn’t just pluck the logo out of thin air. There’s a very special story behind the logo.

It is a product of collaboration with two people with lived experience, Michael and Kaitlyn, and our study communications team.  

Michael is currently 8 months into his workers’ compensation claim for a psychological injury. 

Whilst Michael is still experiencing some effects of his injury, he made a major contribution to the logo design. 

Working with our communications manager Kara, Michael and Kaitlyn were involved in the logo creative process from the conceptual planning through to the final design. 

The logo embodies two things we hope to achieve during the project, which are to listen to the voices of people who have made a workers’ compensation claim, and to amplify those voices through sharing the study research findings. 

We are thrilled to have the worker community, who have made a claim, involved directly in this project. The study logo is just one little example of this, and we hope to continue working in close collaboration with people like Michael and Kaitlyn throughout the study.