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February Update – Workers’ Voice study

Workers’ Voice is a research study that aims to re-imagine workers’ compensation in Australia.

This 3-year study recognises that there is opportunity to improve the management and design of workers’ compensation systems so that they can better support workers who have been injured, to return to work following a workplace injury or disease. 

Study Update:

The next 2 phases of the study that are underway are the computer modelling (building the current process model) and interviews.

We are beginning interviews with selected individuals to find out more about their experiences and their ideas about what might improve the system in the future.

Our first two interviews have been completed. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

We are working towards speaking with people who have a range of experiences, across different states, and different lengths of time of claim.

Have YOUR Say On The Survey!

Still haven’t completed the survey yet? This is still open, Click HERE To Complete.

Basic results so far from the surveys

Here are some initial results about who are completing the surveys and where they live.

Worker & Family/Friends Survey responses broken down by age and gender %:

We will continue to update the findings along the way.

What is Computer Modelling?

Our use of agent-based modelling (ABM) allows us to simulated diverse populations, representing various backgrounds, injuries, and experiences. This artificial computational model enables us to experiment with different system designs and scenarios, exploring potential improvements without any real-world impact. We will be producing a more in-depth video of how Computer Modelling works shortly – stay tuned!

Vasalia’s Story

Vasalia is one of our Lived Experience Advisors on the Workers’ Voice study.

Watch Vasalia’s video and hear about her positive and negative experiences of submitting a workers’ compensation claim.

 “I had no help. I had to do my own research, understand the legislation, understand my entitlements…:”

Watch the video here.

We appreciate your support of the Workers’ Voice study and look forward to sharing more updates with you soon.

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