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Is the computer model being designed, intended to be presented as a national model, or is it intended to be applied by individual states/jurisdictions in their own way?

Initially we are creating a high level model that represents the similarities in the system, that occur across the nation. Through previous research we are aware of many of the differences in policy and practice that occur, however we need to build the first current model based on what generally occurs.

Once we co-design the new re-imagined model with the input from people (in the workshops) who have submitted a workplace injury claim, we are hoping to then add in specifics for each jurisdiction. For example: different timelines for approval etc.

In this way, each organisation can “test” out changes they are considering to their specific system, and see what the impact is within the model, BEFORE impacting real people. We are hoping this will be a safer and kinder method of trialing initiatives, before impacting people’s health or financial outcomes.