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Workers’ compensation from a lived experience perspective

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Workers’ Voice is a research study that aims to re-imagine workers’ compensation in Australia.

This 3-year study recognises that there is opportunity to improve the management and design of workers’ compensation systems so that they can better support workers who have been injured to return to work following a workplace injury or disease. 

Many people who make a claim, find workers’ compensation claim processes stressful and complex and this can contribute to delayed recovery and slower return to work.

We aim to design and model a system that reflects the experiences, views, and preferences of people who have made a workers’ compensation claim, in the last 10 years.

Understanding people’s lived experience can help to identify problems faced by workers who have made a compensation claim and opportunities to improve workers’ compensation systems.

We invited workers who have made a claim and their family and friends to take part in this study. Collaborating with you, we will develop computer models of new systems based on your lived experience.


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